Saturday, September 5, 2009

on an adventure: part ii of the travels.

My time online is limited, but here's a quick update for you all:

Our group finished our work with Mae Kok on Friday. Thursday night was a goodbye celebration, which turned out to be easily one of my most favorite parts of this trip so far. Aside from a cultural exchange, the Mae Kok children and staff all sang to us, and we exchanged many presents, hugs, and tears as we said our "see you later's". It is difficult leaving these kids and the family they have created, knowing how readily accepted we all were into their daily routine; the prospect of becoming a tourist at this point is still a bit unappealing with the knowledge that there are so many other ways I could be experiencing Thai culture. However, I am looking forward to testing my own personal limits and strengths with the second half of our tour, and can't wait to see what opportunities will arise (not to mention pictures!).

This morning begins our first full day in Chaing Mai, which is quite a difference from rural Chiang Rai (though only a 3 hour drive apart). There are many temples and restaurants here, and many more English-speaking people. This is both giving me a sense of relief and disappointment because I already miss the genuine feel of Thailand, as opposed to the 'luxury' feel we are given at the hotels and restaurants. All the same, I'm still enjoying myself. Thai massage this morning... such a wonderful way to work out all the kinks and strain from volunteering.

We're going to be in the Chiang Mai area for the next several days, stopping at an elephant park and trekking though the jungle to spend a night with local Hill Tribe villages. perhaps I will feel at home again. :) Our tour leaders are really energetic and knowedgable, so I'm looking forward to an eventful next couple weeks!

That's all for now! Hope you are all well!
Love, Laura
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