Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Brief Foreigner's Guide to Sexual Health in Korea

By now, dear readers, many of you are familiar with the fact that I am an English teacher in South Korea. However, this is only my day job. By night I am a sexual health vigilante, unafraid of open discussion and fascinated by gender issues and culture.

With that said, anyone who is uncomfortable now should skip this post because I'm about to go into detail about... you know... sex stuff.

For many foreigners, sexual health is something that can be overlooked because
1) it's uncomfortable to talk to your co-teachers about it.
2) there is little information in English about health, let alone sexual health, in Korea.
3) some people don't understand why they should care.
But that doesn't take away from the importance of knowing how, where and who you should talk to if you or someone you know needs to get a tune-up, check-up, or just be prepared.

From my research on the matter, combined with information I've gleaned from the foreigner community and a little first-hand experience, you can put your mind at ease to any of the following questions which may be troubling you or your friends currently.

"How do I get birth control in Korea?"
This is probably one of the most frequently-asked questions among foreigner women when it comes to sexual health. Upon arriving in Korea, my first assumption was that the pill would be difficult to obtain, considering the seemingly conservative stance the Korean culture has on the social issues surrounding sex. However, birth control is, by far, easier to get in Korea than in the States, and at a way lower cost. Mercilon (pronounced mer-shea-loan) is available at any pharmacy (look for the sign 약국 or ask for the nearest yak-gook) for about 7,000 won (about $6.70 USD).

UPDATE: 피임약 (pee-im-yak) is the Korean word for 'contraceptive', which may prove to be super handy if you're looking to purchase the pill (thanks for the extra info, fellow Ulsanites!).

For you visual learners out there (or if you'd rather not say a word and just point to pictures), here's a picture of what you're looking for:

From what I've heard, the side effects are normal in comparison to other hormonal oral contraceptives, but it's not guaranteed to work out that way for everyone.

Inter-uterine devices (IUDs) are also fairly common in Korea, so if you're looking to get one, your local gynecologist should be able to perform the procedure.

"How do I get an STI test in Korea?"
The same way you get an STI (sexually transmitted infection) test in the States. Find a local clinic and go in. If you're looking for STI testing at a subsidized rate (like you would find at a Planned Parenthood in the US), good luck. A full STI screening could cost anywhere from 120,000 to 180,000 won-- completely worth the cost for those who can afford it, but Korea is definitely not handing out tests for free.
For women living in Ulsan, Lee & An in Sam-San Dong (located on 4th floor above the KFC) is an excellent and clean gynecology office that comes highly recommended from the foreigner community (wonderful English; no appointment necessary). You can visit their website here.

"What are Korean condoms like?"
After sitting down with a girlfriend and physically comparing the two kinds (giggle fits and all), the main difference between Korean condoms and non-Korean condoms is circumference (with Korean condoms being the smaller).

"Where can I find non-Korean condoms?"
If you find the Korean-brand condoms to be a disincentive for safe sex, never fear. You can find brand name condoms you’re likely familiar with in department stores such as Home Plus. Although the selection may not be the best, it could be an alternative to using something that doesn’t work for you (and if it’s not the right size, it’s not providing protection).

I haven't found dental dams in Korea yet, nor have I seen latex-free condoms (though I haven't looked too hard). If you're reading this and know where to find 'em, please leave a comment below.

How about 'Plan B' (the 'Morning After' pill)?
Through research among forums it seems that emergency contraception (brand-named "NorLevo") is available at pharmacies but you need to have a prescription. Through the foreigner network I've learned that, fortunately, acquiring a prescription is not too difficult (simply requesting one at a doctor's visit will do the trick), but timing can be an issue, as 'Plan B' is most effective if taken as soon as possible, up to 5 days from the time of intercourse (as time goes by it loses its effectiveness so thte sooner the better). Although emergency contraception is just that-- for emergencies only and not a regular birth control method-- it's always smart to have one package on hand, just in case. And in Korea, Plan B has been reported by the foreigner network to cost anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 won-- far cheaper than in the States. So next time you're at the doctor's, make sure to ask for a prescription. You could be seriously thanking yourself later.

"Are abortions legal in Korea?"
In a word: no.

However, according to the Korean Law Blog, there are exceptions [emphasis mine]:
Chapter XXVII of the Criminal Code prohibits procuring and administering abortions. However, in 1973, the Maternal and Child Health and the Mother and Fatherless Child Health Acts established exemptions from this prohibition.
Even though the Korean legal system may punish those that procure and perform an abortion, prosecutors rarely prosecute those that perform or procure abortions because of the exceptions, the fact that doctors can fit their case into the exemptions, and the fact that the attitude of Koreans towards abortion has drastically changed since the imposition of the law.

Today, a woman that is pregnant in Korea that wishes to abort the fetus usually visits her local OB/GYN and the doctor usually performs the abortion or the doctor refers the patient to a clinic that will perform the abortion.
"Who do I call if I've been sexually assaulted?"
The crime rate in Korea is perceived to be extremely low by foreigners. Normal concerns—such as theft or street scams—are rare. However, it is unfortunate to note that out of the crimes in Korea, some of the most common are sex crimes.

If you find yourself in this situation, find a safe place and a phone and call the Women's Emergency Call number: 1366. Speak calmly and slowly as possible, and ask for English.

UPDATE: More information on sexual assault, sent from a fellow foreigner in Ulsan:
Emergency Contact Numbers
  • 112 Police (call this first, possibly no English service)
  • International Emergency Rescue 02-790-7561 (for English service)
  • This is the place to go if the police don't understand or anything: Ulsan Women’s Crisis Center 052-244-3117 or 052-246-3117 (Located next to Dong-gang Hospital in Taehwa-dong or 울산 OneStop 지원센터).If the police aren't involved yet, this place will contact them (if you choose) and take you to the hospital for a check-up (which is conveniently located right next door.
  • And for your blog audience all over Korea, here is a list of all the Crisis Centers in Korea.
Wishing you safety and health!

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  1. Excellent post. Super helpful! Thanks Sexual Health Master!

  2. $6.70!!!!! well that is certainly lower than mine.

    see you in A MONTH!

  3. Great post! I never thought that Korea has a large number of sex crimes! Whoa! Thanks for the post!

  4. Ran across your blog today and could you imagine what God could accomplish through you in Korea? Makes me sad for people like you, who miss out on this opportunity.

    2 Timothy 4:7

  5. I really appreciate your comment. Everyone has the right to see the world through their own lens. To that effect, I also find it true that everyone has their own definition of what the "good fight" (2 Timothy 4:7) is. This is mine; don't pity me or those who believe in providing access to safe health resources to others, and I won't be sad for you for leaving a comment like this on a blog of someone whose faith and credos you don't know.

    In faith and love, I bless you.

    1. I am sorry Laura that you feel this way. I don't know your faith and credos but from your take on 2 Timothy 4:7 I worry and pray for you. There is no other way to interpret the good fight, other than working to spread the gospel of Christ. Paul in his life was thrown in prison, beat, and eventually kill for his "good fight". 2 Timothy’s overall theme is the call for perseverance in the gospel in spite of suffering. This fight is called the "good fight" and this is made clear in 1 Timothy 6:12. I have read your blog and am also saddened by this but am excited to see what God could and will do in your life when you are ready to use your talents and determination in his name. Grace and peace be with you.

  6. I agree with the anonymous user. Koreans should embrace God, not learn about sexual health. Sex should be preserved for marriage. Did you know that the counties in the US that do not have mandatory sex education have the LOWEST rates of teen pregnancy and moreover that there aren't ANY churches in Korea at all??? It's true! If you believe in God, you won't have sex!

  7. thank u, your a saint for posting this

  8. Thank you, thats very interesting information. I need to share with my friends.

  9. I'm currently completing my TEFL courses now, and I recently did a sample presentation for a lesson plan geared toward promoting sexual health for women in South Korea. It was met with hostile criticism, but after words of constructive and encouraging criticism as well as stumbling across your blog, my fervor has been redoubled. Thank you for a great post!


  11. Very useful! Thanks you so much for taking the time to help people out :)

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  28. To the somewhat, eh, shall I say, rather miseducated poster who felt the urge to claim that "there are no churches in Korea," I would like to let him/her know that there are indeed plenty of churches in Korea. In fact, about 30% (and growing) of the Korean population identifies with a Christian denomination.

    And yes, access to procedures and medicines in Korea which promote sexual health is very easy in Korea. Thank goodness. I'm happy that as Korea moves forward in its economic development, it is taking the necessary steps to education and care for its men and women as grown adults, rather than treating them as children who need an almighty parent figure watching their every move.

  29. *educate, rather.

  30. "Believe in God, you won't have sex"?

    Pull your head out of your ass, buddy. We were animals screeching at the moon and fucking like great apes loooong before Jesus Christ and all that bullshit fell from the minds of confused men.

    Science is where it's at. Fuck your self-righteous religious bullshit. And if you say anything like, "Jesus loves you and cries for you," fuck you on that too.

    For those of you not retarded by religion, contraception and birth control tips the scales in womens favor, allows them to be sensual and sexual and not tied down to the first guy they try out. You CANNOT know a person fully and completely until you have sex with them. Cannot! Wait until marriage, find out you're sexually incompatible, and there you have a miserable marriage and sex life forever.

    We are animals. We fuck. Jesus and God are inventions perpetuated by a corrupt business located in Italy.

    Good post, hon.

    Lady Ape

  31. Hi there thank you ao much for your helpful post. I have a friend who is in a sittuation and has been trying to find out about the abortion pill. And w she can get it. She has looked online but cannot find any.informtion about it. Does anyone knowwhere one can get the abortion pill from in south korea. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

  32. Any info on where guys can get checked out? There seem to be places for women, but up can't find much about clinics for men in Ulsan. Is it just a case of going to the big hospitals and getting things done there?

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