Monday, July 5, 2010

Kimchi explosion.

So, the stats:

6= the approximate number of weeks til I touch down in South Korea.
17= the number of units I have left to complete for my teaching certification.
1= the number of twists it took on a jar of kimchi for it to explode in my kitchen this afternoon.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish. Essentially, it is pickled cabbage, marinated with chili and other Korean spices to make a hot and pungent delight. And when I say 'delight', I mean 'acquired taste.' But after the initial shock of seeing red kimchi juice splatter the counter in an 8-inch radius, I really grew fond of the flavor. Thankfully.

In my excitement to try new things and desire to experience more of Korea before my departure, I failed to look at the top of the jar, which says quite clearly: "Due to fermentation, contents of this jar may be under pressure. To open, place a napkin over lid and twist over a sink." Simple enough, if only I had caught it prior to opening the jar.

Hopefully the rest of my preparation will be just as exciting... but maybe a little less messy.
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