Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love making lists.

So naturally the biggest high is making a list of things to pack when you're moving half-way around the world.

This is a massive, comprehensive list, with colors and quantities and labels (yes; I'm aware I'm totally geeking out and no; this is not a problem to me). Here are a few of my favorites/ most notable items:

1. My Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Korea. Lonely Planet is one of the best sources for travlers to know anything they would want to about a foreign country, and the authors are pretty hilarious (because who wants to read dry paragraphs when they're stoked to travel?!). I loved this book so much I bought the Korean Phrasebook to go along with it; score!

2. A quick-drying travel towel (REI). It's space-friendly for suitcases and dries like THAT, so I never worry about it being damp when I need it. This is perfect for backpacking (which I'll definitely be doing when I'm not at work!).

3. A travel journal. Because you'll want to remember how you felt when you first arrived, and see how much you've been able to accomplish (or simply survive!). Don't forget extra pens!

4. Clif bars. Not because I'll be running a marathon during my first weeks in Korea or anything, but sometimes it's nice to have a little taste of something familiar. I invested in some of these babies on my last trip abroad and am glad I did! Not only did I use them on a couple of occasions when food was scarce or questionable, but bringing enough to share can make you an extra friend or two along your journey. Well worth the extra bit of weight.

That's all for now! I'm going to ride this list-making high and see how much stuff I can get organized.
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  1. I love making lists too!!! And we are NOT geeks! ;o)