Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photojournalist Shot of the Day

This one is dedicated to a weekend in Busan, and all the people who aren't teaching in Korea but chasing their dreams through travel and sharing their talents.

Taken at Metal City in Seomyeon.

This is also dedicated to my continuing practice of only buying camera equipment if it is absolutely necessary or an incredible deal. For example, the Opteka fisheye lens used for this picture was a great little steal from Amazon for around $60. "Nice" equipment is-- well, nice-- but when you learn to use what you've got to the best of its ability, you can get some decent photos out of almost anything.

Traveler's/ photographer's tip: Don't depend on other countries to have a better deal on big ticket items just because their currency is weaker. In Korea, electronics tend to be on the more expensive side compared to the States, which surprised a lot of foreigners and caused some grief. If you're planning a big trip, make sure to do some research in advance! You might be heading for a country with some great deals, or you may realize that spending the money before you take off would be the wiser investment.

Until next time, happy days.
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