Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I really love about sick days is...

If I were to finish that sentence, you would probably get something depicting the rituals I did in elementary school on sick days that have carried over to present time, like watching Boy Meets World. Don't kid yourself. We all do these kinds of things.

The one thing about being a foreigner that really annoys me is how sick I always am. A lot of other foreign friends have the same problem. We always have a little case of the Cruddies, which I chalk up to Koreanitis, the random illnesses that we would've already built up immunity to if we grew up in Asia. My little Western T-cells just don't stand a chance sometimes.

When I was sick for the first time in Korea, I pretty much panicked. If there was a high-speed jet that would get me home so I could let my mom make me Top Ramen with extra veggies I would've hopped on it and been on my couch. In short, being away from family when you are sick can really suck.

However, I've learned to cope, and although I so feel the Catholic guilt/ Korean shame try to creep into my day as the afternoon comes around, I try not to let it get to me.

Today, I'm paying homage to my sick day. So although my head feels like it's about to explode, and it took all the energy I had to convince myself to pause Legally Blonde mid-way and visit the doctor (both a mental and a physical feat), I do find comfort in a few things on these days of rest:

The fact that my visits to the clinic have no co-pays, and I am guaranteed to walk out of the clinic and down to the pharmacy and out the door in under 30 minutes... for less than $7 USD.

Feeling how much I can do on my own to take care of myself.

Letting my apartment get a little messy, because it's my place and my day and I don't have to clean 'til I'm healthy again.

Orange juice.

Making myself Korean Ramen (actually pronounced ram-yeon, which is the original version of the ramen we eat in the States). Although I still like yours better, Mom.

Buying those little Vitamin C bites that may or may not be vitamins at all because they are in the candy section, but who cares? They make me feel better anyway.

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  1. Who knew snotty tissues could be so beautiful. xo