Tuesday, May 31, 2011

haiku in honor of my afternoon snack, vi.

Ice cream in a bag,
You are my hot, summer joy.
You won't melt on me.

I'll admit-- the first time I laid eyes on these little contraptions, it seemed unnatural. I mean, this is ice cream... if I can't see it, and lick it off a cone, what good is it to me? All it took was one squeeze and I was sold. Not to mention, it's got all the flavor of ice cream but it's not as heavy on the cream. It's becoming blatantly obvious as to how these Koreans stay so flippin' thin.

Summer weather, come swiftly. I gotsta get my ice-cream-in-a-bag on.
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  1. Kate said...


  2. We have little applesauce bags for Jacob! He loves them...probably a good thing that he won't have the chance to have one with ice cream in it, he wouldn't want to go back to just apples.