Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sticking to the 'rolling stone' thing, because rolling kimchi just gets chili juice everywhere.

It's time to look forward, and time for another travel announcement, which always start the next chapter of the Playing with Elephants blogging.

In just 2 and a half months, I will be flying from South Korea-- leaving my now-second-home-- to travel Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, and a re-visiting experience to Thailand, my first love in Asia) for a few weeks. Then I will be coming back to the Seattle area. To stay put for a bit.

In the coming weeks, I'll post more information about the trip, including travel information I glean along the way. Don't worry; Korea posts will still commence in tandem with the other posting.

If you want to know when I'll be returning to the States, you can click on this handy-dandy countdown timer. You can check it every day if you want. Or every hour. I know you really miss me.
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