Thursday, June 23, 2011

K-pop Friday.

For all the months I've been here, my blog has-- strangely-- managed to be almost devoid of Korean music. Considering how high I put music on the list of life-influencing factors, it's time to let you all in on the emotionally fascinating music that is K-pop.

Unlike pop in the States which focuses on gettin' crunk or scoring ladies, the heart throbs that run the K-pop kingdom seem to have different agendas. Performer 'Beast' (stage name 'B2ST') sings the summer single 'Fiction' with an angst I can only call dedicated.

"I can't believe the fact that you are leaving me... I will re-write the story of you and I."

My 6th grade girls love B2ST in a fanatical way only pre-teens can love a pop idol. In fact, my Korean co-teacher jokes that he should get a B2ST face mask so they will focus better on their English lesson. Not a bad idea, considering I find "BEAST" written all over their desks after class.

On another note, my co-teacher shared this video with me today. I'm not familiar with the artist or the song, but I thought it was a really good representation of the unique style and feel Korea has in their pop music videos. Sharp, colorful and modern, borderlining on freaky.

Happy Friday to those near and far!
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