Monday, April 4, 2011

Thought for the day.

Being lonely and being alone are not only two different things, but the latter can help to cure the former.

In being alone, we can find peace. And not just the kind of silent, easy 'peace' we think of when someone tells us about it, but the peace in our minds and hearts that come from knowing ourselves.

So, in being alone, we can be with ourselves. And in being with ourselves, there is not only peace, but comfort.

Comfort that, at the end of the day, you won't dread going to bed without somone to say 'good night' to.
Comfort in the sound of your own thoughts filling a room, be they verbal or non-verbal.
Comfort in making decisions for yourself.
Comfort in the times when you really just want to dance in your underwear.
Comfort knowing that you don't need to seek others to be happy.
Comfort in ordering food for one.
Comfort in asking yourself what you want, and then letting yourself have it.

This may seem a bit out of place, but as a traveler it's always important to know how to be alone. And furthermore, it's okay to admit to being lonely. In Western culture today, potentially sad emotions like loneliness aren't discussed because they represent vulnerability. But isn't it when we bring them to the surface that we realize they aren't so formidable afterall?

Let me end with a video I've loved since the first time I realized I had to learn to be alone:

With love; know you are never completely alone.
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  1. in the hotel room in seoul they had a bible and the teachings of buddha in the drawer, i read some of the latter and this reminds me of it! also reminds me of how 'the idea of death can save you' - although i cant remember where i read that

  2. fabulous thought for the day and ridiculously relevant for those wandering about the world! <3

  3. I am just catching up on all your posts and I love this! I used to hate spending time with myself, and I often times still struggle with it, but you are so right, a large part of that is not knowing yourself. I think knowing yourself means so much more than comfort too, it means confidence and peace and strength, knowing yourself allows you to be the fullest, happiest pesron possible. What you are doing in S.Korea takes a lot of courage and a lot of confidence in finding/knowing and re-discovering yourself, I think it's awesome! (sorry for my blabbing!)